Remembering John Gearhart

The Department of Cell and Developmental Biology is sad to share that our colleague, Dr. John Gearhart, passed away Thursday, May 28, 2020 following a long illness.

John was a stem cell research pioneer and best known for leading the Johns Hopkins University research team that first identified and isolated human pluripotent stem cells from primordial germ cells. In 2008, he was named the Director of Penn’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM). John’s myriad contributions and accomplishments and his dedication to the field will not be forgotten.  Stem cell research has lost one of its greatest champions and we have lost a cherished colleague.

Learn more about John in this biography.


M. Celeste Simon, Ph.D.

New Liver Cancer Research Targets Non-Cancer Cells to Blunt Tumor Growth

“Senotherapy,” a treatment that uses small molecule drugs to target “senescent” cells, or those cells that no longer undergo cell division, blunts liver tumor progression in animal models according to new research from a team led by Celeste Simon, PhD. The study was published in Nature Cell Biology.  Full press release here.