Marisa S. Bartolomei, Ph.D.

Pregnancy Complications in Assisted Reproduction Linked to a Specific Process

An experimental study from researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania links a specific procedure – embryo culture – that is part of the assisted reproduction process (ART) to placental abnormalities, risk for preeclampsia, and abnormal fetal growth. The team, led by Marisa Bartolemei, PhD, a professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, published their findings today in Development.  Read more here



Marisa S. Bartolomei, Ph.D.

Jamie Shuda Receives the 2020 Bruce Alberts Award for Excellence in Science Education 

We are proud to announce that Jamie Shuda, Ed.D., Director of Education & Outreach for the Institute of Regenerative Medicine (IRM), is one of two recipients of the 2020 Bruce Alberts Award for Excellence in Science Education given by the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB).

This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated innovative and sustained contributions to science education, with a priority on national impact of the nominee’s activities.  Dr. Shuda and her colleague, Dr. Steve Farber, are recipients of the award for their longstanding collaboration, publications about the impact of their work, and their commitment to supporting international partnerships.

Congratulations Jamie and Steve!