Bomyi Lim, Ph.D.

Bomyi Lim, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Towne Building, 220 South 33rd Street

Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE)

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Honors and Awards:  – NIH F32 Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award – 2016-2017, – Princeton University Best Postdoc Presentation Award at the Molecular Biology Retreat – 2016, – Princeton University Art of Science Competition – 2014, 2017, – Princeton University Air Products Assistant in Instruction Award – 2012, – Princeton University Francis Robbins Upton Fellowship in Engineering – 2010 – 2014

Research Expertise: Biomolecular Engineering | Cellular and Molecular Imaging | Biophysics

Bomyi is interested in regulation of chemical kinetics in biological systems, especially in understanding how inherently stochastic gene expression dynamics are “tamed” to produce reliable cellular outcomes. A precise control of dynamic gene activity is important in preventing mis-regulation that could cause serious developmental defects. The lab uses combination of molecular experiments, quantitative live imaging, kinetic modeling and other fundamental engineering principles to obtain spatio-temporal control of gene activity. These interdisciplinary studies will provide important insights to general gene-expression phenomena that underlie development, metabolism, and disease.

BSE Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 2010 – University of Pennsylvania
PhD Chemical and Biological Engineering 2015 – Princeton University

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