Stem cells can both replenish themselves and give rise to all of the different cell types of a tissue or organism during normal development, normal tissue maintenance, and tissue repair. A goal of stem cell biology is to understand how stem cells retain their ability to divide and reproduce themselves, but also to produce daughter cells that can differentiate into the various cell types in a tissue. A goal of many investigators in field of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine is to harness stem cells to generate new cells and tissues for biomedical purposes.

I. Germline and Embryonic Stem Cells

Faculty:  Marisa Bartolomei, Roberto Bonasio, Steve Dinardo, John Gearhart, Ken Zaret

II. Tissue Specific Stem Cells

Faculty: Jon Epstein, John Gearhart, Michael Granato, Patrick Seale, Nancy Speck, Ken Zaret